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Day 1


After leaving port, we will head to Ġnejna, a beautiful inlet with idyllic surroundings of greenary and hills of limestone. The area is a great swimming area and the sea here is normally calm and crystal clear. Those who simply wish to stay on the boat will still enjoy magnificent views of pristine, undeveloped land.

St Paul’s Islands

For the second day we’ll head to the picturesque coast which surrounds the village of St Paul’s Bay. The village is beautiful and home to a great shoreline with popular areas like Tal-Għażżelin. From the boat, you will be able to both the beautfy of the coast and the magestic views of the St Paul’s Islands.

Paradise Bay

We will head to the northern part of the island and stop at Paradise Bay. This beautiful beach is very close to the ferry point in
Ċirkewwa. The sea here is crystal clear. The inlet is ideal as it is not surrounded by urban development. You can enjoy a nice swim or just relax and take in the scenery of the sandy beach and the cliffs that surround it.